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Some web sites you may find helpful or a place where you can help!!

I highly recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza's new book Evolve Your Brain. Please see his web site for his schedule and dvd products

Abraham ~ Esther and Jerry Hicks, The teachings of Abraham.
The Law of Attraction

Marilyn J. Awtry ;
Please visit Marilyns new web site, its a wonderful blend of music and inspiration!
All her publish material is available from her site. I have been blessed to meet a special person!!
Marilyn has many published works and is well known in the Spiritualist community. Marilyn J. Awtry
Author of "River of Life - How to Live in the Flow".
Now available in D.J. Hardback and Soft Cover
Or to Book Review and Order:

Please Check out my friend Gary Mosher's award winning books "Buddha in the boardroom", e books ~ sequel "Back to the Boardroom", "Tomorrow's Happiness Begins today", "Stop the Anger" and soon to be released "Buddha in the Bedroom", you have to check them out!!!


The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary
National Spiritualist Association of Churches
The International Spiritualist Federation
Ethereal Books 
(free downloads of hard to find Spiritualist books, papers)
~ Run By Art Bosman , Netherlands
Center for International Reiki
William Lee Rand

Suicide is never the answer!!
Please check out these links below for yourself or a friend.
~ Kristin Brooks Hope Center
National database of numbers by state

Big Cat Rescue
if your into big cats this place is well worth visiting and supporting, this is the real deal, good people doing good work!!!
The Humane Society of the United States
The American Society for The Prevention  of Cruelty to Animals
For our beloved animal friends in spirit and support for us.

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