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"Integrating Spiritual Growth into Everyday Life"

Mediumship or "Spirit Communication" as it is also known is the communication between people of the Earth plane and those who are now in "The Spirit World Plane".
Many books and papers are written on this type of communication, some true and some not so true, and today science is working to try to understand what this phenomena is all about.
There is much I could write but I am limiting the space here to those who wish to use a "medium" like myself, to communicate with those who have passed on, mainly your Loved ones, who given the right conditions would like to communicate with you.
I am a channel for Spirit to work through, a "medium" who works with those in Spirit to bring forth a "communicator" from Spirit.
This is often a beautiful experience filled with emotions, laughter, tears and healing moments. This is sacred communication. When you come to me for this type of sitting, I welcome you to my healing room, have tea, sit and relax, I explain how I work and how Spirit works through me. There are so many conditions and factors that take place for a "sitting" and I like everyone to know what to "typically" expect. One can often be surprised to see who shows up in Spirit for this communication.
We do not "call upon the dead", we open our natural channels and elevate our energy asking only for the highest or better in communicators to come through. All of this is done in the vibrations of Love. All of this is done with blessing from Infinite Spirit. It is a gift for everyone to share, a "knowing" to experience for yourself that there is so much more then just this life.
These communications are often helpful in that they give us hope, the give us evidence that we live on, and by the grace of God or Infinite Spirit , we are renewed to be the best person we can be.
To really know and experience for yourself the continuity of life, of knowing that we live after the experience called "death", like the seasons show us in nature that we are born and reborn again, what a wonderful thing it is to know this, as Life takes on so much more meaning and we learn to grow and become better Spiritual beings having this human experience.
Mediumship is a communication that is not about learning the secrets of your future, it's not that at all. Its about learning and experience beyond a reasonable doubt in the proof that life is sacred and that love continues on in ways that we can not completely put into earthly words or concepts. You learn that all your actions positive and negative have power behind them and you learn that Love knows no boundaries. How beautiful a gift from God, from Infinite Spirit. Your Loved ones who have passed on want to share this knowledge that the time is now to become the loving being that you are capable of becoming...
I am a Clairvoyant (seeing), Clairaudient (hearing), and Clairsentient (feeling), medium. In other words, I see, hear and sense information from Spirit. I am a ordinary person who happens to be a medium, who works hard to help people understand that we all have these gifts that can be developed in one way or another and should always use them for the betterment of all, in the vibrations of peace and love. Asking always for the highest and best, and in Gods Light may we walk a path of Truth.

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