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Greetings ~  when it was first suggested to me to add testimonials to my web site i thought, gee that's kind of ego based and how can i possibly email everyone that i have done readings for and had in my classes over the last few years, or have worked Reiki on, but as i understood the need of people who don't already know me personally to have something more to see about the way i work, i decided to stop all the judgement and simply list testimonials.
So below are a few comments from people who i have worked with. i really am touched very deeply by the comments below and the many emails i have received following up after a reading or healing, it is an honor to be able to work with Spirit in this way and i consider myself fortunate to have learned so much from everyone i have meet on this spiritual path.
~ God Bless you all~
Namaste' ~ laurie

copyright laurie m. tobin-raymond

"Laurie performed a healing ceremony for our family shortly after my twin sister passed away.  Her ability to connect with the spirit world is incredible.  The presence of the spirits and the feeling of love and comfort during the ceremony was a wonderful experience and helped me greatly in coming to peace with my sister’s passing." ~ Glen R., Las Vegas, NV.

Laurie, I wanted to thank you for inviting me into your home and for giving me such a wonderful, enlightening and much needed reading. You truly are a very special person. You came into my life at a very hard time and because of our meeting I now have hope and a renewed spirituality! Thank you! 
Maria ~ Newton, Massachusetts
I have been telling my friends all about you and about how your reading and mediumship experience with me was so wonderful and fulfilling for me! andI told my friend "***" about his mom coming thru and he was so touched and relieved. He said what you said from her is exactly true in all aspects. she had bunions - no wonder she wished she wore 'tennis shoes' rather than heels! 
Thanks again so much for helping me. I feel so good that my mom and dad came thru like that and "***" too and that my reading was very much in line with where I feel I'm at in life. I'm going to listen to the tape this weekend! 
Natalie R.  ~Raymond, NH

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"I always look forward to the Monday night meditations.  I find them to be calming, balancing, healing and spiritually expansive."
Mike D. Dover, NH
I have been attending Laurie's meditation classes for over 2 years. She has taught me how to connect with spirit, as well as to sit in the moment (was very difficult for me to do) I have had many readings with her. I am so amazed at the messages I got, and how "ON" she really is. Since then, I have introduced others to her readings so they can get the full affect of what I experience. She has brought me to the doorway of my potential, and continues to show me how to walk through.
Annie Z, Amesbury, MA

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"In trying to find a way to heal myself I was introduced to Laurie.  I received a Celtic Oracle Reading which was more helpful than I think she even know's.  This is where the healing started. From there I started to attend the Monday night meditation group.  Every group I attend I learn so much about myself and continue to heal.  I have also been lucky to meet so many wonderful people who attend the meditation groups."
Lynne H. Haverhill Ma.

I’ve known Laurie for almost 7 years when she was our pet sitter. Although it’s been a couple years, every time I mention “Laurie” to my dogs, they still look at me and cock their heads in a very happy way! She has such a way with animals and truly loves and respects them all.

I had an Oracle reading from Laurie recently. The cards were right on track with what’s happening with my life now, and the messages she gave me from spirit were so overwhelming. I cried all the way home, but they were happy tears that so many of my loved ones came through with messages of support for me!

Laurie is so down-to-earth; she makes you feel very comfortable during the reading. She is so gifted; I’m just amazed. Thank you, Laurie, for the gifts you are giving to so many people. I can’t wait for my next reading!

Karen, E. Kingston, NH

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"My cat needed to talk!
I had recently moved into a new house.  My very proper cat, Princess, who slept loyally next at my feet each night, and would never dream of chasing a mouse, had some trouble adjusting to all the boxes everywhere.  When I took her to speak with Laurie, she mentioned right away that I had moved her perch away from the picture window and would I please put it back the way it was.  She also mentioned a blue indian blanket, which I knew well but it was still in storage.  I washed it, and placed it on the perch, Princess was like a magnet to that blanket, and practically didn't move off of it for 3 days.  She even slept there at night, where her usual place was on my bed.  It was confirmation that Laurie was indeed speaking with her.  The last thing was her food.  I usually buy in bulk the regular "XXXX" brand.  Well, apparently I had inadvertently purchased "hair ball control" -- Well, Princess was nice about it but mentioned, 'Could you please be careful and not buy that kind again"  She liked the regular.  MY MISTAKE and I can assure you I am very careful, now when choosing her food.  I find it very helpful to know what your animals are thinking about.  Sometimes a simple communication can mean the difference between a happy animal and one who is suffering from some simple thing their human can do to help them be more comfortable.  These creatures give us so much love and healing, don't they deserve to have their say?"
Jean P., Methuen, MA.



"Heidi & I would like to thank you for helping us along the way. When I first heard about an  Animal Communicator I thought that is fantastic, if only it was real. Hopeful I gave you a try , Heidi had been digging in the yard and I couldn't get her to stop. It seemed like a good test to see if the communication really worked. Sure enough after our visit the yard was safe. Hedi had Stopped digging. Since then as you know, we have been faithful (or is it that you have been faithful to us)whatever! I have come to rely on you to assist when my attempts fail. You are a heaven sent one! You have made some very difficult times easier. While I no longer have Heidi living with me I can be at peace knowing she understands the situation and that I will always lover her, and if I need to check in with her that you are there just like you always have been. Thank you so much for your marvelous gift and for sharing it with us." Mary & Heidi, Massachusetts

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The Celtic Oracle Reading Laurie gave me was so right on!  It truly helped me to focus on my path and see the barriers I had put in the way.
Mike D. Dover, NH

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